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In order to make the ORIENTAL NEVERLAND a pleasant place for you, we would like to inform you of the following matters:
1、All visitors to the park are bound by the following notices and announcements. The Park may amend the relevant terms from time to time. Please read them carefully before buying tickets. Purchasing tickets means that you fully understand and promise to comply with these terms.
2、Please refer to the opening schedule of performance and recreation facilities for the opening hours of performance and recreation facilities.
3、One ticket for one admission, and ticket package for group visitors (Visitors can choose to watch performances within the park, experience recreation facilities and participate in thematic activities at no extra charge.) But the following services are paid services: Sightseeing travel tool (sightseeing trolley, gyrocar, mini e-vehicle,etc. ); games (specifically based on the site of the park); catering & shopping (purchasing thematic goods, souvenir, drinks, foods, and having meals)
4、Each ticket can only be used once. Please buy a new ticket to enter the park after leaving. No refunds or exchanges for tickets sold except for legal reasons. Tickets are bearer and not reported lost. False and expired tickets are invalid.
5、Please refer to the ticketing policy published in the ticket window for individual ticket prices. Please consult the Marketing Department for group ticketing policy: 0575-85320370.
6、According to the National Security Law, all recreation facilities must be inspected daily, monthly, quarterly and annually. Relevant maintenance work may cause delay or suspension of operation time of some facilities. The Park will inform visitors via a notice at that day. For details, please pay attention to the official website www.dfssland.comand official WeChat of Shaoxing Oriental Neverland.
7、According to the National Security Law, in case of any abnormality or failure in the operation of facility, one must shutdown the facility for inspection and maintenance to ensure safety. The specific testing time may not be confirmed and informed in time. For visitors in queue, please follow the guidance of staff and consciously choose other recreation facilities. Please understand.
8、According to the regulations of the state security and technical supervision department, in case of severe weather and other natural disasters (such as typhoon, thunder and lightning, sandstorm, rain, snow, hail, fog, etc.) which cannot meet the safety of facility operation, the facilities in the park may be closed or partially closed. The specific situation shall be subject to the on-site notice of the facility. Please also pay attention to the weather changes and arrange your travel time reasonably.
9、Major receptions, foreign affairs receptions or extra-large events may change the operation time of some facilities or close part of the park. The specific time and place shall be subject to the announcement on the day.
10、Visitors shall follow the safety instructions of the on-site staff and use the recreation facilities according to the facility requirements. For your and everyone’s safety, those who are not suitable will be declined.
11、The restrictions on age, height, weight and waist circumference of large facility in the park are subject to the on-site facility notice board. Visitors whose safety devices cannot be completely closed due to exceeding safety requirements will be declined to take the relevant recreation facilities.
12、Some of the experience facilities in the park are not suitable for the following visitors: people with hypertension, arteriosclerosis, and heart disease, pregnant woman, people with spine and cervical spondylosis, and epilepsy, disabled person, mentally disabled person, people with cast, trauma suture, frequent dizziness and headache, habitual nosebleeds, acrophobia, carsickness and seasickness, or people who use narcotic drugs, drunken person and physically unfit person. Visitors with the above conditions or symptoms, please confirm it by yourself and choose other suitable facilities. Otherwise, the park will bear no responsibility for any adverse consequences. Please refer to the specific facility notice for details.
13、To watch all performances and experience amusement facilities in the park, please queue up to enter the venue. When there are many visitors, the queuing time might be long. Please respect and understand each other. In case of sudden abnormalities, please stay calm and consciously follow the instruction of the staff to evacuate. The visitors in queue can choose other recreation facilities or performances.
14、The park advocates a civilized behavior of respect, understanding and harmony. Uncivilized behaviors such as spitting, littering, destroying property, and cutting the queue are prohibited. If the visitor is found to have the above behavior and does not listen to dissuasion, the park has the right to ask him to leave unconditionally.
15、Fighting, picking quarrels and causing troubles, theft and other illegal and criminal acts are strictly prohibited in the park. The security department and its staff have the right to stop these behaviors at the scene and we will assist the public security department to solve according to law.
16、The park will inform you in advance of the stop time before the facility stop running and will not accept queuing at that time. Please understand.
17、The park will not be responsible for accidents caused by visitor’s negligence, fault or mistake. If the above-mentioned acts lead to other consequences, the visitors shall bear corresponding responsibilities.
18、Please take good care of your belongings. The lockers set up at the recreation facilities only for temporary storage. Please deposit valuables such as cash and mobile phones separately or hand them over to relatives and friends for safekeeping. Please take your belongings and leave after experiencing the facility. Please take good care of your children and the aged.
19、It is forbidden for visitors to carry pets, non-adult push category pram, electric wheelchairs, BMX, skateboards, balloons, trolleys, kites and fireworks, firecrackers and other flammable and explosive items, controlled tools, toxic, harmful and poisonous items, corrosive items, radioactive dangerous goods to enter the park.
20、The following behaviors are forbidden in the park: Sale or display of goods without permission; distribution of leaflets or other publicity materials; authorized assembly, procession and speech; photography and videography for commercial purposes; display of flags, banners or corporate logos that are not related to the park without permission; all behaviors impeding the operation of the park and related facilities.
21、The Park may film in the park area to collect the image or sound of visitors entering the park (except with restrictions) and the park will use the sound or image legally without any additional fee to the visitors.
22、Before entering the park, please read the above instructions carefully and strictly observe them after entering the park. In addition, you can also learn about the latest news of our park through our broadcasting system. Wish you a happy day in the Coldplay Kingdom!

Complaints hotline: 0575-89986112
Rescue hotline: 0575-89986119
Consulting hotline: 400-104-8880
Address: 3717 Conan Avenue, Keqiao District, Shaoxing City