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National Defence Education

“The art of war is of vital importance to the State. It is a matter of life and death, a road either to safety or to ruin, Hence it is a subject of inquiry which can on no account be neglected.” The saying of Sun-Tzu shows the importance of national defense.

In response to important instructions on national defense education in the new era of President Xi, the campsite has built a new national defense education center focusing on experiencing and displaying the most advanced national defense military achievements of our army. It offers military courses such as simulated shooting, individual tactics, map reading and drawing, camping and training, combines practice and theory to conduct more than 30 experiential national defense education, and has become a national defense education base with advanced facilities, rich content and strong support in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Anhui and Fujian.

Academy Culture

Combing with profound historical, cultural accumulation and “Reading ten thousand books of Shaoxing is like traveling ten thousand miles”, campsite in Oriental Neverland has rich research and study resources. We have set up famous officials, Sinology and “Three-jar” courses to trace the history and context of Shaoxing. We integrate knowledge in book with life experience to experience traditional culture in by approaching history, and become a real cultural student.

Museum Education

Treasure Museum and Xuanyu Garden have thousands of natural art, historical and cultural treasures, as well as an indoor underground cave covering an area of more than 10000 square meters. Among them, Treasure Museum is divided into six parts: precious wood carving exhibition area, rare minerals exhibition area, precious and beautiful porcelain exhibition area, precious bronze mirror exhibition area, rare tea culture exhibition area, and aged memory exhibition area, with a total of 3267 treasures on display. Xuanyu Garden is well known for its historical and modern knowledge. Tropical rainforest and African grassland are natural epics recording evolution of life, showing glorious achievements of history, culture, art and social changes of Chinese nation, which is a grand palace displaying natural development and human progress.

Popular Science Education

The campsite is a provincial popular science education base. Simulation of military science and technology, environmental education and lake island micro-ecosystem are all available in the base. Water quality analysis, rainforest ecological exploration, karst exploration and other activities can be conducted with first-class water circulation system, energy-saving and environmental protection facilities.

Quality Developing

We have Diamond Tower, top active development project all over the world, introduce international advanced team development courses, such as unarmed rock climbing, rope rescue, high-altitude exploration, to create a quality development highland, which leads the trend of quality development.

Aquatic Sport

Vast still water area of 2000 mu owned by Oriental Neverland is very suitable for all kinds of water sports. We have set up water and land amphibious vehicles, SUP sports, kayaks and family dragon boats suitable for all kinds of people, and formed a water sports base with characteristics of Jiangsu and Zhejiang.

Sport and Leisure

With the promotion of healthy China strategy, the development of sports leisure education has entered a new stage. Sports education desalinates competition gradually, makes sports return to the nature of fitness and entertainment, strives to improve students’ physical and psychological quality, trains students’ innovative spirit and practical ability actively, enables students’ physical and mental development in an all-round way, encourages and advocates a healthy and upward life style.

Life Safety Education

We have set up practical and technical public safety training activities according to the spirit of “Guidelines for Public Safety Education in Primary and Secondary Schools” issued by Ministry of education, including emergency rescue, risk awareness, emergency escape, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and drowning first aid, so as to improve the safety awareness of all people.

Healthy and Happy Experience

We set up various summer and winter camps with themes mainly, such as military exploration, museum education, geological environment exploration, outdoor (aquatic) sports, etc. healthy and happy journey of one day is set up in spring and autumn.

Art & Humanity

In terms of art, we advocate the educational concept that “children are born artists”. We have set up independent management activities for students, such as handmade, art, radio, etc. In addition, we provide more nutrients for students to create works, make them to have more understanding of art, experience, imagination and creativity.

Extended Course

Combined with the profound historical and cultural background of Shaoxing, we pay attention to cultivation of young people’s core literacy, curriculum integration and route design inside and outside the campsite, and have developed three series of research courses with the main clue of “traveling Shaoxing with textbooks” according to spirit of “Suggestion of 11th Department of Ministry of Education on Promoting Research Travel of Middle School Students”, namely “Officials Culture Series”, “Academy Culture Series” and “Three-jar Culture Series” respectively. At present, taking campsite in Oriental Neverland as stronghold, we have signed agreements with a number of national research bases (campsites) such as Lu Xun’s Former Residence Scenic Spot in Shaoxing, Shanghai Oriental Land, i.e. Shanghai Youth After-school Activity Campsite, Qian Xuesen Library of Shanghai Jiaotong University, conducted research travel businesses such as course delivery, teacher training, activity exchange, and formed a research travel network of three linkage between Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai basically. We have held military summer camp with the theme of “Stepping into Frontier Defense Line” and “Living Classroom Walking on Road” with Shanghai Oriental Land, and conducted “Qian Xuesen Story-telling Session”, other research travel activities with distinctive and abundant themes with Qian Xuesen Library of Shanghai Jiaotong University.